Zusammenfassung EuroShop 2020

What does that mean for the infrastructure of the store? It seems, that self-checkouts are winning over the traditional staffed tills in big supermarkets. Hence, unattended payment systems become more and more important. They underscore a fast, easy and secure way of payment that’s processing transactions 24 hours a day. A good match for this future concept. Moreover, devices become smaller and provide more functionality. Value added services like loyalty programs or real-time surveys enables merchants to create customer experiences and use data to stand out from the competition and streamlines processes.

For "classical" countertop terminals like PayTec D1, attributes “durable”, “fast” and “reliable” are playing a major role in the decisioning of the top retailers. PayTec D1 is “grown up” in the fuel retailing industry, the most demanding environment for payment terminals. Accordingly, the D1 has an excellent “proof of performance” that meets the demands for big retailers.

But requirements for small businesses and their Point of Sale are changing, too.

In the Digital Age, consumers have more payment options than ever before, which means businesses conversely have more choices for their Point of Sale. New POS and payment systems have to be mobile-driven. This holds several benefits for both, businesses and customers alike. Portability for POS systems means flexibility: use the tablet device as a cash register on the sales floor, before bringing it into the office to create a quick sales report of the week’s earnings and then back to a cash register.

And, with Android OS and its wide range of software options, they bring more value to the business. With providing vital services like inventory management or storing consumer data by just downloading a commercial app for the most popular and versatile platform of the world, the generation of new terminals offer a lot more than just receiving payment. Moreover, they reduce effort and significant increase efficiency.

➡️ What does that mean for PayTec customers? Digital transformation is on its move! But no worries about this rapid development. Focused on future trends, PayTec provides continuously high-quality solutions for the demands in retail technology.

New products coming soon, state-of-the-art: unattended “PayTec Castles UPT1000F” and “My Android POS



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