Rent or buy?

Tips for renting and buying

Payment terminals are more in demand than ever right now. In times of Netflix & Co., terminal rental has now become established purchase method. But pay attention to the contract's fine print. Especially in the case of supposedly cheap offers, high transaction fees are charged afterwards.

That is why it's worth taking a closer look:

  •     Short contract term (maximum 24, better 12 months).
  •     Are the fees for transactions negotiable?
  •     Is the service fee for terminal operation included in the rent?
  •     Are there any other fees, e.g. for booking or SIM card?
  •     Is there a special right of termination in the event of business closure?
  •     How is the repair and warranty service regulated?
  •     Does the terminal process all cards (postcard!)?

We advise: it depends on how often you want to use your card terminal. Basically, you should include all contract modalities. This refers in particular to contract terms and possible basic fees that have to be paid monthly. If a card reader is rented and in return a high basic fee and a 24-month term are agreed, you will pay more than if you have purchased the device.

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