Attended Payment

Solutions for the attended point of sale

An attended point of sale refers to all scenarios in which the card reader must be operated or supervised by the user. A distinction is made between areas of application for mobile, stationary and cash register-integrated card readers.


With a mobile card reader, customers pay regardless of location and without a diversion to a stationary cash register. The solutions are ideal for the following industries:

  •     Gastronomy
  •     Delivery services
  •     Taxi/Transportation
  •     Festivals

ECR integrated

With high customer frequencies and several branches, the following industries preferred to use an integrated card reader:

  •     Large Retailers
  •     Chain stores
  •     Bakerys/Grocerys


To get started with cashless payment, many SMEs opt for a stationary terminal that works independently of the cash register and with a receipt printer:

  •     Retail & Service
  •     Hairdresser & Beauty
  •     Medical practices
  •     Bakeries and butchers

Solutions for the unattended point of sale

In most cases, an unattended point of sale is a vending machine that dispenses all kinds of goods. These can be e.g. drinks, tickets but also petrol and electricity for refuelling or charging cars. Vending terminals differ in the following configurations: Modular Solution, All-In-One Terminal or Contactless-Only.

For vending terminals, a so-called integration must first be carried out. Here, the technical requirements for communication between the vending machine and card reader are checked and implemented accordingly. PayTec offers extensive support for integration and has many years of experience in all sectors.

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The new PayTec UPT1000F is suitable for any unattended point of sale and accepts all payment methods in one compact device. The PIN is entered via the touch screen.

  • Vending
  • Parking
  • EV-Charging

Modular solution

The PayTec V1/V2 was developed for use in the most demanding environmental conditions. It consists of a pinpad, hybrid card reader and contactless reader.

  • Petrol
  • Public Transportation
  • Kiosk-Systems

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