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„Card terminals directly from the manufacturer“

PayTec has been producing and developing card payment systems for 10 years now. With our products, you are purchasing not only qualitatively high-value hardware, we also offer you a comprehensive service and support concept tailored to all our customers' wishes. Creativity, innovation and reliability - that is what our name stands for. We guarantee the right concept for every cashier station.

PayTec D1

In addition to all the advantages of the PRIMUS desk, the PayTec D1 provides you with brand new technology as well as a completely re-engineered design. Use the terminal as a marketing tool? With the new flagship from PayTec (almost) everything is possible. The D1 has the latest processor technology for best performance and security with the fastest chip reader on the market. An application friendly Linux operating system has virtually no limits to its functionalities. The integrated contactless (NFC) function (supports ApplePay) with visualization via the screen. The wiring is simple, safe and fast. The visual, intuitive user guidance is supported by an illuminated card reader.


Certified by the most up-to-date criteria

High-quality design


Illuminated card reader

Mobile communication

Terminal Management System

TRACS distance maintenance

Hybrid insertion reader with shutter

Motorised hybrid reader (optional)

Contactless Payment

Advantages of the PayTec D1

Reasons why this system is exactly the right one for you.

With PayTec systems, you make yourself independent – independent of all the spatial and technical conditions of your point-of-sale. The PayTec D1 is set up in modules which means that it can be customised and adjusted to your requirements. You need a receipt printer? No problem, this can be added with no trouble at all.

Whether integrated into the register, independent of the register or even as a fully-fledged replacement for your register with a merchant terminal, everything is possible with just one terminal. Thanks to its integrated SignPad, with the D1 it is also possible to archive receipts electronically. This function saves twice as much space - at your point-of-sale and in your office.


Customise the D1 to your needs.


Its own receipt printer makes this terminal independent of a cash register. Can be added with only a few minor adjustments.

Touchscreen pen and pen holder

The terminal can be integrated seamlessly into the pen holder and provides your customers with a comfortable position for signing. The pivoting base is mounted to the countertop with an adhesive. The touchscreen pen we provide can be ordered separately.

Mounting foot

You can mount the terminal to the countertop quickly and easily with the mounting foot. With the way the cables are routed, it is possible to turn the terminal at angles of 180°. No more cable spaghetti! The cables are arranged neatly inside the mounting foot and your point-of-sale will always appear tidy.


If you need a fully-fledged replacement for a cash register, you can connect the D1 with our merchant to gain a fully functional cash register. This alternative is especially popular during special promotional sales such as sidewalk sales.

Mobile communication

With an updatable communications module (e.g. GSM/GPRS, bluetooth, Wi-Fi), the terminal is mobile and self-contained. You are planing a special sales campaign (e.g. at the Christmas fair, an exhibition, a sidewalk sale, etc.) and don't want to leave those customers out who prefer to pay without cash? This is made possible with this module.


You can get any and all consumables you need for:

  • Supporting film for protecting the display
  • Thermal paper for the printer
  • Touchscreen pen