Unattended payment

Payment solutions for the unattended point of sale

Unattended payment in the vending, ticketing and parking is not only becoming increasingly popular with end consumers, but is also being used more and more by operators. It offers uncomplicated, simplified and user-friendly payment processes and reduces cash stocks in the machines. Our solutions are characterised by easy maintenance and reliable operation even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

PayTec Castles UPT1000F

The new PayTec Castles UPT1000F is perfect for any unattended point of sale and accepts all payment methods. It combines the functions of a PINPAD, card reader and contactless reader in one small and robust device.

  • Vending
  • Parking



PayTec V1/V2

The PayTec V1/V2 was developed for use in unattended places with the most demanding environmental conditions. Operation is simple and customer-friendly thanks to the brilliant colour display and the high-quality stainless steel keypad.

  • Petrol
  • Public transport
  • Kiosk systems
  • EV charging points

PayTec C2

The PayTec C2 is the contactless-only solution for all unattended points of sale that do not have much space available. The card reader is particularly suitable where small amounts are processed.

  • Vending
  • Parking




PayTec has been integrating payment solutions at the unattended point of sale since 2004

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Voraussetzungen für die Integration einer Zahlungslösung

PayTec has three cashless payment systems for (vending, ticket, parking) machines, which are made up of different components and are thus suitable for diverse requirements and industries. Basically, the following questions are important:

  •     does my vending machine population process exclusively small amounts, exclusively larger amounts or both small and large amounts?
  •     is the space in my vending machines limited or are the dimensions rather secondary?
  •     is there already a front panel cut-out
  •     are the vending machines exposed to demanding environmental conditions (outdoor: petrol station, car parks, etc.)?
  •     What interfaces does my vending machine have?
  •     Which cash register protocol can the machine process?

The PayTec UPT1000F consists of one module and processes contactless and contact-based payments. It is characterised above all by the virtual PINPAD, on which the PIN can be entered and thus higher transaction amounts can also be processed. The system is particularly suitable for the vending sector, indoors and outdoors.  

The PayTec V1/V2 consists of three components. The PINPAD, made of robust aluminium, controls and processes the payments. The hybrid card reader S1 processes magnetic stripes and chip cards and an additional contactless reader ensures contactless payments of all kinds. The system is particularly suitable for demanding environments such as the petroleum industry or ticket machines.     

The PayTec C2 is the "contactless-only solution" and is in demand wherever small amounts need to be processed quickly. It is used above all in access systems.

Once the appropriate system has been evaluated according to your industry and its environmental conditions, the next step is to identify the communication types with the (vending) machine and for payment processing that are suitable for your vending machine system.   


With our interfaces, you can effortlessly connect state-of-the-art, unattended payment terminals with your vending machines. The integration is uncomplicated and is supported by our specialists. With MDB in our portfolio, the international standard is available for the majority of all vending machines. But we also have fast and efficient interfaces in our portfolio for customer-specific projects. 

  • KIT
  • MDB
  • ZVT
  • CCTalk
  • OCPP


Availability according to payment protocol

Products PayTec V1/V2 UPT1000F C2
ep2 protocol KIT, CCTalk, OCCP KIT, MDB, CCTalk LIT, MDB
DK protocol ZVT n/a n/a

Communication for payment processing

The payment data can be transferred to the acquirer for payment processing in different ways. Basically, it depends on your network infrastructure of the vending machine on site. Our systems have the following types of communication:

  • LAN 
  • WLAN
  • 4G (SIM-Card required)

From mechanical integration to country-specific approvals

Our service supports integrators from the start of planning to the productive operation of the payment solution

Cashless payment systems in vending machines increase turnover and make payment easier and faster. But before a payment system can be integrated into the vending machine, the following clarifications must be made.

  •     What front panel cut-out does the architecture of the machine allow?
  •     Which protocol uses the system to communicate with the peripheral devices?
  •     Which adapters or interfaces do I need?
  •     Which cards should be accepted?
  •     Which network is available to me?
  •     What terminal management options are available to me?

We are happy to support you in all questions concerning the integration of cashless payment terminals into your vending, ticketing, EV charging or parking machines.


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