Countertop payment terminals

Countertop payment terminals are connected to the power supply and the internet via cable. Thanks to Ethernet, they function extremely reliably and stably. Stationary" means that they are installed at a fixed location - usually the point-of-sale (cash desk) in the shop. There are also models that are operated with WLAN, so there is no need for a cable.
These card terminals are particularly suitable for industries that cash up directly at the counter, such as hairdressing salons, doctors' surgeries or the retail trade.

PayTec V3CT3

Mit Tastenfeld


AcceCounterop payment terminan

  • Physical keypad for accessability
  • Touchscreen
  • High security level with PCI 6.X
  • Integrierted printer
  • LAN
  • All payment methods


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PayTec P200

Merchant Device


Can be used as a second device for entering amounts:

  •     Android operating system
  •     Touch display
  •     Long battery life
  •     WLAN and 4G
  •     Integrated printer
  •     Serial connection or KIT via cloud



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