Integrated payment terminals

A POS system consists of several parts. A modern terminal device with a display on which the corresponding software is installed is essential. This can be either an all-in-one computer, a PC, a touch cash register, a tablet or even a smartphone. Just like a cash drawer - for those who still rely on cash - a modern card terminal is of course also part of the package.

But what exactly is the use for merchants or restaurateurs of connecting the POS system to the EC card reader? To put it simply: once an interface has been set up between the POS system and the EC card terminal, the two devices can communicate with each other. This in turn enables an optimal interaction of card payment and POS system, so that you can make even better use of the many features that modern POS systems have to offer (including merchandise management, customer management and evaluations).

PayTec V3P3

Cash register integrated device


Easy integration and powerful performance:

  •     Linux OS
  •     Large colour display
  •     LAN communication
  •     Highest security with PCI 6.X
  •     All payment methods

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