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PayTec AG is a technology company based in Switzerland that specializes in providing electronic payment solutions for acquirers, network service providers, system integrators, payment terminal manufacturers and merchants.


The company was founded in 2004 and has since become a leading payment systems provider in Europe. Currently, PayTec has offices in Switzerland, Germany and Bulgaria.


PayTec offers a range of solutions, including cashless payment terminals, a full payment terminal software stack (including EMV kernel), payment applications for EFT POS terminals (currently supporting Nexgo Global and Castles Technology platforms), cloud ECR interfaces, terminal management systems and payment gateways.


The products are designed to make payments more secure, efficient and convenient for merchants and customers. In addition, the systems are user-friendly and easy to use, making them ideal for businesses with non-technical staff. Overall, the electronic payment solutions are designed to help businesses streamline payment processes, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Their focus on innovation, quality and reliability have made PayTec AG a trusted partner for businesses across Europe.

2004 - Foundation of PayTec AG


In 2004, a few bright minds got together and came up with the idea to revolutionise cashless payments - PayTec AG was founded.


2007 - Development and production of own payment solutions


Having previously been an OEM manufacturer, PayTec began its own production in 2007 with the PRIMUS terminal series


2010 - Foundation of PaySoft GmbH


Switzerland was not enough. In order to be well positioned for the German market as well, PaySoft GmbH was founded in Taunusstein.


2011 - international market entry


Country-specific integrations were realised and implemented with France, Germany and Austria.


2016 - Foundation PaySoft Ltd.


In Bulgaria, a team of professionals for quality assurance was founded with PaySoft Ltd.


2019 - Foundation PayTec Swiss GmbH


With the establishment of PayTec-Swiss as a logistics hub in Rüsselsheim, it was ensured that PayTec can deliver to customers within the EU in the fastest possible way.  


2020 - Acquisition of the start-up Onstay AG


The innovative provider of self check-in systems from Switzerland is now part of the PayTec group of companies.



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